Will I be in a cabin with my buddy? How are cabin assignments made? 

When registering  for camp, campers can list two names of people that they would like to be in the same cabin with. If you convince a buddy to come after you’ve already registered, you can still make a request for that buddy.

We will do everything possible to place campers in the same cabin as their buddy. The only times we have problems with buddy placement is when buddies are more than a grade apart, or there are extremely large groups of campers (8 or more) that come together. (This is why we ask you to list 2 buddies.)

Hut assignments are based on age, grade, and buddy requests.  The ages in a hut usually range two grade levels.  Oldest campers who are in the LIT program are in the oldest hut, and will have some activities that differ from their hutmates. 


HOw do I get to be an LIT?

Campers going into the 10th grade can choose to participate in our Leader in Training program (LIT) and learn valuable leadership skills that will help you as a counselor in future years. LITs do not need to submit a separate form; you register as regular campers.

The program is optional, and rising 10th graders will attend an informational meeting about being an LIT at the beginning of their camp session.



Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones to camp.  Do not leave them in your luggage or bags.  Your parents can give you your cell phone when they pick you up.  

Camp has phones available in the camp office and the Health Hut if an emergency should arise and you need to talk to your parents.