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the health hut

Our Health Hut is staffed with two nurses or licensed medical professional 24 hours a day. If your child needs routine medication or medical attention their leader will take them to the Health Hut. The Health Hut staff records all visits to the Heath Hut.

Parents will be notified if the camper requires medical attention off campus. If a camper has a common complaint (headache, stomachache, scraped knee, etc) that responds to treatment, the nurses will not notify parents. If a camper has a tick removed during the week, parents will receive a letter notifying them during checkout.


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If your camper will need to take medication at camp, please send the medication in the original container. Medications and directions for taking must be in a gallon sized Ziploc bag with camper’s name and hut in Sharpie. Send only enough medication for the week. Our health care staff members will not administer non-labeled medications or vitamins.

Campers may keep their asthma inhalers, Epipens, or other emergency medications with them if appropriate. A leader can carry these medications for younger campers. All other medications must be left with the camp nurses.

If your camper is currently taking medications we recommend that they continue this medication at camp. Changes in medication can produce changes in health and behavior.



Many campers want to know what the food is like at camp. We offer choices so that even picky eaters find something they like. 

We can accommodate children with food allergies, but parents should remember that campers should be independent and able to handle meal time without close adult supervision.  Parents with younger children who have severe food allergies should consider the child's age and level of maturity. Parents can supplement with food that is brought, but counselors can not spend a great deal of time preparing food and then have time to eat themselves. It is important that campers be able to verbalize what they need and recognize foods that might cause them a problem. Campers with severe food allergies need to complete a Supplemental Food Form prior to arriving at Winnataska.

Camp Winnataska's regular menu does not include any peanut products, and no peanut oil is used to prepare food. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available to campers if they do not like the main entree', but the materials are kept in the kitchen, away from campers.

Click here for the 2019 menu. (Menu items do change, subject to the availability of food items.)

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Parents must fill out a camper health form online, including

  • names and numbers of family doctors

  • current chronic health conditions and medications

  • any activities to be restricted at camp

  • scans of official immunization records*

  • several emergency phone numbers of adults that can be reached during camp

  • permission to seek emergency medical treatment

  • health insurance information

*Camp Winnataska requires proof of immunizations for all campers. Families must upload scans of their official immunization records (Alabama Blue Form or equivalent) prior to arriving at Camp Winnataska. Campers without immunization documentation will not be allowed to attend any session of Camp Winnataska. If you are unable or unwilling to provide immunization records, Camp Winnataska will refund your camp fees. Contact the registrar by June 1st to initiate a refund.