What to pack for a week at camp

All clothing should be inexpensive and made for strenuous play. Every single item, including luggage and towels, should be labeled with your camper's name. 

CLOTHING and shoes

  • One complete set of clothing for each day plus two extra

    • No halter or spaghetti straps or crop tops

  • Two pairs of jeans or pants

  • Long-sleeved shirt, jacket, or sweatshirt for cool mornings

  • Pajamas

  • Socks and undergarments for each day

  • Two swimsuits

    • Girls: one pieces or tankinis that cover midriff)

  • Pool towel

  • Raincoat or poncho (no umbrellas)

  • Shoes that can be worn in the creek

    • Ex: Chacos, water shoes, or Tevas, but not flip flops

  • Tennis shoes (required for horseback riding)

  • Light colored shirt for tie dye



  • Bible

  • Bug spray

  • Sunscreen

  • Flashlight

  • Water bottle

  • Fan (9” or smaller; no box fans or standing fans)

  • Extension cord



FOR sleeping

  • Twin set of sheets

  • Pillow and pillow case

  • Blanket or sleeping bag

    • Chicos do best with a blanket

    • Oldest Mainside campers must bring a lightweight sleeping bag for their overnight campout



FOR self care

  • Shower shoes or flip flops

  • Comb/brush

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Soap (liquid soap is best)

  • Two bath towels

  • Washcloth

  • Feminine hygiene products if needed

  • Tissues



Below is a list to help you in packing for night activities. Mini-Chico campers should pack according to what nights they will be at camp (Sun. - Tues. nights or Wed. - Fri. nights). Due to rain, sometimes night activities must be rearranged. Parents, please keep costumes simple and inexpensive. Your camper's leaders will always be willing to use a little creativity to make everyone feel a part of the fun.  Please do not worry if you do not have a specific outfit for each night.


  • Sunday night: Opening Ceremony

Campers will be assigned a common color shirt to wear, so they do not need to pack anything special.

  • Monday night: Mission Impossible

Campers can wear camouflage or dark colors.

  • Tuesday night: Indian Night

     Campers will create crafts to use on Indian Night.  Many campers will add fringe to an old t-shirt as their Indian Night outfit. Most boys choose to paint their chests before the ceremony.

  • Wednesday night: Super Hero Night!

Campers can wear outfits representing their favorite Super Hero! 

  • Thursday night: Country night

     Attire for the farm!

  • Friday night: The Pageant of the Holy Grail

Campers wear a white shirt with white or khaki shorts for Holy Grail.

The Super Chico camp will have Indian Night, Mission Impossible Night, and Country Night. 


Although some camps require a trunk, we ask that you DO NOT pack in a trunk.  A soft duffle bag that can be quickly stowed under the bed is a good idea.  

We recommend that you pack all bedding in an inexpensive, labeled mesh laundry bag . When you arrive at camp, all the bedding can be pulled out, and the laundry bag can be hung in the cabin for dirty clothes during the week. The laundry bag can be quickly cinched, and loaded on the luggage truck.

Cell Phones

We want Camp Winnataska to truly be a unique environment for campers, away from the busy world they inhabit year round. One of the key elements in this environment is the removal of personal electronics. Without phones or other devices campers are free to enjoy a new pace of life. Rather than being concerned with updating the entire world, campers learn to engage with those around them. With these goals and general privacy concerns in mind, no cell phones are allowed in the cabins. Campers found with a cell phone will be asked to leave Camp Winnataska for the remainder of the week with no refund of fees.


  • Footlockers/trunks

  • Large plastic tubs with lids (These come apart when tossed in luggage truck.)

  • Laundry baskets

  • Cell phones

  • Valuables (iPads, Kindles, jewelry etc)

  • Over-the-counter medicine

  • Money

  • Perfumes/Colognes

  • Aerosol cans

  • Fireworks

  • Weapons of any type

  • Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products

Please note: Camp Winnataska is not responsible for theft or damage to any item. Prohibited items brought to camp will be taken from the camper and parents will be notified. Please ensure your camper understands this policy.

Although this iguana was a welcome guest, please do not bring an iguana to camp!

Although this iguana was a welcome guest, please do not bring an iguana to camp!