Daily Photos

Camp photographers capture hundreds of memorable moments during each camp day.  Camp staff members post pictures from the previous day around 11 am each day.  Parents and grandparents can experience camp vicariously through  daily pictures. 

Pictures are hosted on SmugMug, where parents can download great shots for free. (And campers can save favorites upon their return home!)  Information on how to log into SmugMug is provided for parents in camp email communications closer to their child's arrival date.

SmugMug also hosts digital archives from recent years and all the way back to 1918! Check out the digital archives here. 


Sending campers email

Parents and family members  of current campers can also send up to ten emails per week to their camper.  Follow this link to the online form.  Emails are printed at 10:30 am, and delivered to campers during regular mail time, which is after lunch.  This convenient way to communicate with campers is offered to parents at no extra cost.


letter home.jpg


Please address camper mail in this way:

Camper Name

Hut Name

Camp Winnataska

260 Winnataska Drive

Pell City, AL 35128

Campers can still receive mail if the camper's hut  is unknown - this just helps the sorting process.