Ann Pickens

Summer Camp Director

Ann started coming to Winnataska as a camper in the 90's. She loves everything about summers spent at Winnataska and firmly believes summer camp has the ability to shape young minds, bodies, and souls.She worked as a leader, Comanche, Program Specialist, and now oversees the camp staff and day-to-day operations of Winnataska's summer sessions.  Ann is a graduate of Lee University in Cleveland, TN, and currently teaches high school history there.  



Summer Program Director

Tricia is a fourth generation Winnataska camper.  She, her parents, and her grandparents have been involved with Winnataska since its inception.  As a youngster, Tricia came to camp frequently when her parents volunteered. She was a camper, leader, Comanche, Program Specialist, and is currently serving as the Program Director. A graduate of Samford Universtity, she teaches PE at Advent Episcopal Day school. 

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Camp Registrar

Mary Owen (camp nickname "Mo") helps to register campers and answer parent questions.  She retired as a teacher for Birmingham Public Schools and now volunteers in addition to working as Camp Registrar.  For Mo, serving at Winnataska is also a family tradition.  Her grandfather was D.R. Price, who was instrumental in making Winnataska successful during its first decades. Mo can be found giving tours during the off-season and greeting parents on check in days. 

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Camp Caretaker

Mark lives at camp year-round with his wife, Sharon, and their three children. Their family mission is to serve God by helping to take care of Camp Winnataska and keeping campers safe. Mark has worked in the past as a firefighter, EMT, and youth pastor. He was a leader, Blackfoot and Camp Ranger here at camp.  His unique combination of talents and training benefit camp in many ways.  During the off-season, he helps to accommodate rental groups, and during the summer you can find him welcoming families at the gate. 

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SUSAN Thorington

Healthcare Coordinator

Susan has worked in the healthcare industry for over thirty years, and currently works as a clinical trial coordinator with the Alabama Cardiovascular Group.  Her job at camp is to oversee the Health Hut and the nurses who serve there. She makes sure all of our campers and staff members are healthy while at camp. Her children and husband grew up attending camp, and there's usually a Thorington some where on campus at any given time! Susan is a valuable resource for parents who have questions concerning their child's medical care at camp.

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Development Director

Barbara serves camp in many ways in her role as Development Director.  She is currently heading up the "Dream Big" campaign to usher camp into it's second century.  Barbara receives charitable gifts to Winnataska,  helps to secure grants and funding, and coordinates many alumni events.  Barbara can trace her Winnataska history back to a camper during the first summer of 1918! She has passed down her love of camp to her children and grandchildren as well.  Please contact Barbara if you wish to support camp's mission.


Leadership provided by Board of Directors and committed alumni volunteers

Camp Winnataska staff and volunteers are under the guidance of a Board of Directors.  This volunteer Board consist of camp alumni  who contribute their expertise in the fields of education, law, health care, ministry, accounting, and business to help camp succeed. Many of them volunteer at camp on a weekly basis during the summer, and spend untold hours during the off-season preparing camp for the summer ahead.  They dedicate themselves selflessly for the greater good of Camp Winnataska, and all of camp benefits from their leadership.