Training will occur at camp on the following days:

Summer staff - February 2-4, 2018

New leaders - March 2-4, 2018

Returning leaders - April 7-8, 2018

More information will be provided once applications have been submitted. 

Leader Training FAQ

  1. How do I RSVP?
    • You need to RSVP using the link included in the email congratulating you on being selected to be a 2018 leader.
  2. When do I arrive? 
    • Leaders attending the March weekend geared for new leaders arrive between 5:15 and 6 pm on Friday, March 3. Bring your papers to the Chico Dining Hall. Check in with an adult and then go get your stuff from your car. 
    • Leaders attending the April weekend geared for returning leaders arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 am on Saturday, April 1 . Follow the same procedure....check in at the Chico Dining Hall first with all your paperwork, and then deliver your stuff to your sleeping quarters. 
  3. When do we leave?
    • Leaders are responsible for cleaning their living quarters before being dismissed from the weekend.
    • On March 4th dismissal times will depend on participation in the CPR class.
      • If you are not taking a CPR class you will leave around 10:30am.
      • If you are taking a CPR class the earliest you will leave is around noon, the exact time will depend on how long testing for the course takes.
    • On April 8th you will leave around 10:30am.
  4. What do I need to bring?
    • $30 for the weekend - food, staff, and supplies
    • an additional $35 if you are taking CPR course on March 4th
    • sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries
    • warm clothing, including rain gear - We will be outside!
    • signed and completed papers - see #4, below
  5. What paperwork do I need to bring?
    1. ALL LEADERS, new and old - ACA Voluntary Disclosure Statement
    2. ALL LEADERS - Health form. We keep these for the summer, it includes a copy of your insurance card!
    3. NEW LEADERS - Minor consent form to perform background check. (Page 1 only. The other pages are FYI.)
    4. NEW LEADERS - Minor consent form to perform drug screening
    5. FYI - Here is Winnataska's drug free workplace policy. 
    6. IMPORTANT: Health form requires a copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card.  Social security numbers are required to complete background checks.